In need of Rescue

My Vist to the sites

Sadly, this is NOT a no-kill shelter. Serving as an Ironic metaphor is the Largest Animal shelter in NE Ohio. Hidden beneath the Valley View Bridge on HWY 480 in an industrial parkway.
Lost and abandoned Dogs are the task of local municipalities. Here Ravenna's Animal warden has returned to “process” another stray dog. The owner has 72 hours to claim their lost pet otherwise it will be available for adoption as long as the shelter is not at capacity, A sad fate awaits these pets when full capacity is met.
In the first Cell, I was greeted by these sad eyes.
One cell over was another anxious soul who had spilled her bowl of kibble with the excitement of a rare visit.
Ears pinned back, this fellow was not fully trusting of my intentions. It was hard to get a picture of him as he displayed anxious energy by constantly jumping against his caged door.
Another sad set of hopeful eyes met me at the next cell. These dogs are not given names only identification numbers. I noticed a trend that would be confirmed on my visit. 100% of the processed and available dogs at this shelter were of a single misunderstood breed (Pit Bull)
Steel and Concrete are of no comfort while pondering their fate.
Desperate to escape! And with reason, I learned from the shelter keeper that the hardest dogs to place into a new home were Pitbulls, Surprisingly the second hardest dog to place into a new home is ANY dog with a primary Black colored coat. This poor girl seemed doubly doomed and her desire to escape seemed warranted.
Dog #161892 had been here awaiting a new beginning for over 53 days. Confirming the difficulty of finding a new home for a Black Pitbull.
This unnamed beauty wanted to be anywhere but here. According to the info on her cage she had been in the shelter for 5 + months now.


Volunteers are the angles of mercy for these creatures. I met “Robert” who was walking this 1-year-old pitbull Leroy outside of the Cuyahoga facility where I was denied access to photograph the dogs.
Robert has 3 rescued dogs at home, when I asked him why he chose to be a volunteer at the shelter he openly confessed that he has had substance abuse issues in his past, Now in retirement, he found that his rescued pets and his volunteer work are the saving graces that allow him to live addiction free.




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